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The Scrolls of Gilead (Book 1): One Tree in the Garden

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During the autumn River Festival, a humble shepherd family gives birth to a girl-child. Sienna Rose is born in a citrus grove, and no-one in Yudah is aware of her destiny for many years. When Sienna eventually emerges into a young woman, she is forced to make a choice between the pleasurable life she knows and the deeper calling that she does not know. Two extraordinary men accompany Sienna on her journey, Raven, ‘the birdman’, who struggles with a strong sense of loss and Galen, a younger man, who must learn to have faith.

Battle is fought, love as strong as death. What does the prophecy mean? Sienna, Raven and Galen must decide. But they are not alone. Yudah is home to many unique characters and they all leave their mark: Queen Delilah, the priest, an opinionated cat, and a large brown beast. The three friends choose to create a future that will enable security for the kingdom of Yudah. But first, they must accept and overcome their own weakness. Swordfights, a garnet ring, ancient stories, and a family of birds all help teach the wisdom that needs to be learnt. Is love as strong as death? The answer can only be discovered when the prophecy is fulfilled.


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The Scrolls of Gilead (Book 2): A Woman and a Fisherman

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Heirs are announced, a baby is named, and a peace treaty has been signed. The Yudaen people have much to celebrate at the annual river festival. But one man is not happy. Caspian knows that the new peace agreement will bring about an unwelcome event for him. The deeds of his past will be brought to light and all that the fisherman holds dear will be placed in jeopardy. Dreams are dreamt, tears are wept, ancient texts are spoken and Caspian’s fate will be decided by the archeress. Jasmine, Caspian’s wife, is forced to make peace with her true identity. The animals of Yudah have something to contribute and it seems that even the trees and cliffs have an opinion. Can Eldad, a ‘town of refuge’, remain a safe place for Jasmine and Caspian or does their destiny lie elsewhere?