Tim, Samson and Lyn live together on the outskirts of a small town on the edge of a large city, called Melbourne, in the glorious country of Australia.  They cohabit this piece of land with four adult daughters – all full of life, love and opinion.  Along with Samson, there are a number of beloved animals living alongside the humans, including Flee (an old merino wether), Ruby the ewe, Abbey (with more emotional versatility than one would expect in a dog), and Holly (a moody broody she-goat).  This land is also home to a mob of kangaroos, wallabies, nomadic echidnas, a wombat (as yet unseen), at least one snake, birds, lizards, a pair of powerful owls, turtles and insects.

We genuinely acknowledge and honour the traditional custodians of this land, the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation.

In our younger years, we both studied science and were employed in research environments.  In recent years, parenting, self-employment, and building community have become our main activities, focusing our time and energy on encouraging others (and ourselves) to develop fully into the people we want to be.


I am a writer, although I prefer call myself a story-teller. My training is in Biology and I worked for seven years in research before expanding my focus into permaculture and natural health.  Biology and theology are synergistic in my experience and through my writing, I explore  wisdom (often of a spiritual/emotional nature), using simple language that is accessible to most people.

I am proud of, and grateful for, my spiritual heritage and seek to be a generous, loving person who is willing to learn as much from my ‘mistakes’ as from my ‘non-mistakes’.


My spiritual heritage started fairly conventionally but as an adult I have explored many parts of the Christian spectrum. Studying Physics opened up to me the beauty of the cosmos and the quantum worlds plus the mystery of mathematics. Now I try to read broadly, from biographies to science texts, from spiritual thinkers to books about the brain and the human body. I am enjoying interacting with new people with different spiritual outlooks, seeing our common ground and discussing our differences. The blog helps me to play with new and old ideas and to listen to the conversation being had in the larger world.

Samson the Horse

I don’t say much but I am the brains behind the blog.



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