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Maybe it’s the gentleness

 of a God who cares


Maybe it’s the compassion

of a God who wants things to be better …

fairer …



Maybe it’s the humility

of God as a baby


Maybe it’s the vulnerability

of God entering humanity.


Maybe it’s the justice

of telling poor shepherds first.


Maybe it’s the miracle

of the unsuspecting virgin giving birth

… her husband confused

… and both misunderstood,

yet bold enough to trust

to trust in an unpredictable

and totally trustworthy God.


The God of Love

The God of Comfort

The God of Grace.


Maybe it’s the inclusion

of rich foreigners,

who do not  know the Jewish God

who have not heard of Jehovah

have not read the Book

are not expecting the new king to be God.


Maybe it’s the peace

of a sleeping newborn,

who promises to save us from our selves.


Maybe it’s the joy

of knowing the friendship of God,

a friendship that can’t be earnt

… only received.


Maybe that’s the good in Christmas!


(by Lyn Beattie)