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By Lyn Beattie, dedicated to Van Gogh and ‘the seasons’ exhibition, Melboune NIV 2017


The first blossom dawned from its place of safety

its hidden beauty now visible to the crisp world

a sign that spring had at last come to the earth

She was the forerunner; the angelic messenger

sent to announce the time to Adama and the heirs


She was delicate and yet, strong as a warrior

Her intricate inner work had been long and hard

And now, the warmth of the early spring sun

would gently heal her and bring restoration

She was ready to be seen, ready to speak


The sun gently called moisture from the earth

Quietly, the mist spoke out ‘it’s a new day’

A floral perfume arose from her centre

calling other blossoms out, to open anew

calling others, ‘it is safe to believe’


She stopped, to drink in the stillness

She paused, to feel the sacred moment

She was not alone

she had never been alone

she had never been forsaken


Time sighed and the sun stood still awhile

She bowed her head to the soil of the earth

acknowledged the Great Loving Creator

saw the attentive and powerful Oneness

gave thanks for kindness, for intimacy


It is a new day; a new beginning

‘Arise, my beautiful one and come

‘the winter is past and flowers appear on the earth

‘once more, the season for singing is here

‘the voice of the turtledove can now be heard