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One of the main “benefits” of a faith journey has been those moments in my life when I have been able to trust my life and circumstances to the Divine.  In such moments I have found simplicity; all has seemed right with the world and my current problems have been just a ripple on a deep pond – not unimportant but somehow part of a grander scheme.  Those moments have felt like that pause between a deep breath and a sigh.

Different faiths encourage their believers to handle problems in different ways.  I gather that followers of Islam learn to accept whatever life throws at them as fate.  Buddhists are taught to make good decisions so that they will have peace of mind.  Christians are taught to have faith in God – but is that a job to do or is it a state of mind?

Our conscious minds are busy most of the time.  There are jobs to do, relationships to navigate and conundrums to ponder.  At times, our unconscious mind adds to the problem when it throws ideas on the table through our dreams.  How do we learn to find peace amidst the clamour?

I was re-reading something we wrote many months ago where we encouraged our readers as they started out on the road of spirituality.  In it we encouraged simplicity – a simple prayer, setting aside small moments, adopting a watchful presence.  I think that is my desire for the coming weeks.  Simplicity in my trust.

I hope you find rest and succour along your journey.