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We have completed our series on Science and Spirituality and shall now do a series on Animal Voice.  What do I mean by animal voice?  I am referring to the way many of us learn about life, the universe, ourselves and the Divine through watching and interacting with animals.  Over the next few weeks we shall explore this topic and celebrate the wisdom taught to us by other species that we share the earth with.  Here is a poem to get us started.

animals who acted

Fish, who coughed up the tax money

Donkey, who spoke the truth

Raven, who fed a depressed prophet

Bear, who mauled insolent youths

Whale, who swallowed a drowning man

Dove, who announced the end of a flood

Goat, who took away the guilt

Lions, who refused to eat

Foxes, who torched a food supply

Lamb, who provided the sacrifice

            replacing the first-born child

            enabling death to passover

            predicting the greatest act of all