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This post completes our series about love, for now.  In the next few weeks we will focus on the theme of ‘Science and Spirituality’.

G is for God.  God is Love and everything God is, says and does is grounded in perfect love.

R is for Righteousness.  Righteousness is also a God-thing and refers to God’s perfection in purity, justice, truth, kindness, mercy, fairness, compassion and (of course) love.

A is for Action.  The action of God in sending Christ to remove the gap, the unwanted separation, between God (the perfect righteous lover) and humans (the imperfect, but worthy, lover).

C is for Christ.  God in human flesh: born, lived, died and raised up.  Christ’s gift of salvation-by-faith is offered to each person and, when received, the Spirit (of God) dwells in the believing human.

E is for Everlasting Life.  Eternal life, freedom, forgiveness, friendship-with-God is now (and forevermore) a living reality for each person who believes in Christ.

 What is there not to LOVE about Grace!?