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Love 101

you didn’t leave

when it got hard

you stayed

you must love me


Love 102

Friends, we know how it works

Love is Patient, Love is Kind

It never gives up

It is not rude or careless

We need to believe in each other.


Love delights in truth, not lies

It trusts, hopes, perseveres

It is not quickly (or easily) angered

It keeps no record of wrong

We must not judge another.


But there is even more to love

Love is as strong as death

It submits to nothing, to no-one

It’s passion must be respected

It is eternal; everlasting.


Love burns like fire; a blazing flame

Many waters cannot quench love

Rivers cannot wash it away

Wealth must never be exchanged for love

Love is Pure; it is a Godly thing.


So this now is our happiest moment

Before us, are our better days

To create a song, with Christ

Together in the Spirit

To create Love.