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Every now and then I write a post about love because of a deep-rooted obsession I have with plumbing the depths (and height) of this mysterious thing called love.  Recently I wrote a post called Love and Petrichor in which I put some of my ideas into words and asked you, my blog friends, to share your thoughts about love.  Thank you to Advanced Research Technology, cousin-IT, Derek Rawson, Eli and Paula for responding.  You all contributed to my understanding of love and shared your ‘pearls of wisdom’ generously in the comments section.  I will now attempt to incorporate what you have said into some sort of acrostic piece using the word MELLIFLUOUS.  Thank you to Derek for teaching me this word and, like myself, you may have to look up the meaning of this glorious word.  So, here we go:

Many different words for love in the Greek language: Eros (sexual passion and desire), Philia (deep friendship), Ludas (playful love), Pragma (mature long-standing love), Philautia (love of self), and Agape (selfless love, ‘God love’).

Expectation-less is the love of God (agape) so that it comes with the grace to use it how we choose or to give it back.

Love is the Spirit of Yahweh so love is Yahweh experienced in our souls; the full grandness of the universe and all that it envelops.

Lovelessness and hatred isolate us from experiencing love while compassion draws us closer to the warming fire of love.

I love you, spoken by a mother

Friendship, of the unconditional kind

Love is about giving with no expectation of it being returned and, when it does come back, love is about receiving with an open heart

Unique and uncontrollable

Optimism (softly landing) as the warm embrace of 25 degrees Celsius at 7am or 7pm

Undeserved and unexpected gift from God or a friend

Soft, reassuring, intentional touch


I hope you find this helpful and may you have a mellifluous day!!