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The first big question invariably is where do we come from. We want to know about our origins because it says something about our place in the universe. Are we just an accident of nature? Is nature itself just an accident of cosmology? Is cosmology itself just an accident of something far beyond our comprehension?

Different faith systems give different answers. Some teach of a creator and some teach of a cycle of rebirth without beginning or end. Some place human creation at the pinnacle of creation, in fact its very purpose. Others make no comment about our relative worth.

Science, curiously, is equally conflicted. While most (non-creationist) scientists believe in a universe aged about 13.8 billion years, there are still some who hold to a universe of indeterminate (infinite?) age. And before that? Well the jury is well and truly out on that one. Some of the theories include that we are just one of a very large number of universes, that our universe expanded from a big bang and then will collapse back to a big crunch, only to rebound again as another big bang. Some have external agents, whether angelic or alien, some have us as just a random product of a random disturbance of the cosmic vacuum.

What to believe then if the experts can’t agree? Personally I like the idea of a creator (not that its up to me!) because it gives me purpose. Similarly I find some of the science that looks outside of the universe as speculative and its arguments more philosophical than physical.

In the end we get to decide what to believe because it is hard for anyone to give the definitive answer. I hope you find that this stimulates you to consider this question afresh.