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I am  not sure if it is just me but I notice that people are not asking the big questions so much anymore. Not just my acquaintances but the media and other places of discussion. We seem to be occupied with day-to-day affairs, short term issues and the stories that the media serve us.

I wonder if the questions like “where do we come from” or “where are we going” have been delegated to the “experts” and we busy ourselves with other things. Do we think the theologians and the scientists have the matter in hand and they will inform us when they work out the answers? Or do we simply think the questions are not important now that we have relative physical security and access to medical technology?

I still think the questions are important and I am glad that we get to enjoy dialogue on these pages. I plan to ask some of these questions on these pages and share what I think mainstream thought is offering us, particularly the scientists and theologians. I hope you find that helpful.