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It’s about LOVE

How tired I am with lovelessness in all its ugly forms.  What part about ‘God is Love’ do we not understand.  It is not a hard thing to read, spell, say, think.  It is simple: G_o_d    i_s   l_o_v_e.

And don’t tell me you don’t know what love is.  Even if you don’t know what love looks like, if you are over the age of three, you know what lovelessness looks, feels and smells like.  Just look and listen for the opposite of lovelessness if your life has had no experience of love.

Love feels warm and nourishing.  Love looks like beauty and your favourite color.  Love smells like rain on the earth after a drought.  Love tastes like the morning dew and your favourite fruit.  Love sounds like thunder or the silence.  I have no idea what love is like.

Love makes us feel everything is going to be OK.  It causes us to weep (or laugh, or both) with relief.  It assures us that there is some reason for this crazy life on earth.  I am guessing that love can achieve these things for us.

From now on I will intentionally orientate my life around love.  Love will be my standard.  Love will be what makes sense to me.  Love will be my meditation and my conversation.  Wish me luck and power.  I don’t know where I am going but you are welcome to come with me if you want.