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Today I would like to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Einstein introducing the world to General Relativity. Einstein made a remarkable contribution to science in the early part of the twentieth century and the echoes from his discoveries continue to reverberate throughout modern physics to this day.

Many of us can recite that E = m c2 without having a clue what it means, and his face is iconic in a way not experienced by any other scientist before or since.

General Relativity is a field that few of us are interested in or are able to understand so why do I want to draw attention to it today? I think it is because it was a fundamentally new idea and it brought together quite disparate fields such as geometry and gravity.

The entire notion that the space-time continuum can be warped so that even light does not travel in a straight line is remarkable. That the presence of a “body” has influence on all other bodies around it gives me pause. That the mystery of the universe is immense.

I think that is worth at least a couple of moments of consideration today. Don’t you?