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I like the idea of a pilgrimage, although more the stroll with a sense of destination rather than a trudge with dogged purpose. I like the notion of setting out for somewhere significant and yet dedicating the entire journey and not just the endpoint.

The great secret is sympathy both with humanity and nature, and this sympathy will open the eye and ear to sights and sounds that the indifferent would miss.

Charles Hurst, The Book of the English Oak

A pilgrimage can be a to a place revered by many, or a place of significance to you alone. It can certainly occur amongst sacred places or the mundane. And in this modern day, it doesn’t even have to be done on foot, provided we don’t make a rush of it and try to achieve it all at once.

And even though you may travel with others, a pilgrimage is still an individual’s journey. The moments of significance will be unique to you.