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The Jewish calendar has some beautiful rhythms in it. There is the rest year (Sabbatical) every seven years and then the Jubilee year every fifty years. (This is to mark the passing of seven lots of seven years).

While the seventh day, the Sabbath, is for the people to rest, the Sabbatical year is a time for the land and all of creation to rest. Rest is such an important part of health and wholeness and it is nice to see it given such importance in the Scriptures.

The Jubilee, however, was to mark the restitution of freedom to slaves and the return of property to its original owner. Its purpose was to proclaim liberty throughout the land to all its inhabitants. In this way every generation was given a fresh start and there was the opportunity for social equity throughout the land.

They are two themes for me to explore this coming year – rest is my gift to myself of time and resources, restitution is my gift to others and to creation to restore fairness.