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Some time ago we talked about Thin Places – those times in life when you felt that you could “see through the veil” and have an awareness of the presence of a divine being. These can be special times as they help us along our journey. In recent times however we have been aware of Sacred Moments – those times that are like Thin Veil places but are even more specific for an individual. They may be short-lived or take some time. They may come without warning or be part of a searching process. They may be profound or hidden in the prosaic moments of life.

If you are privileged enough to encounter one you might be shown the vastness of the universe and yet paradoxically feel your uniqueness in that vast scheme. It can seem like, for an instant, the universe stopped its motion, just for you. These times can be difficult to understand and may not be easy to put into words, yet they are sacred to the individual.

Sometimes Sacred Moments are markers on the journey, helping you to see fresh paths or new directions. Sometimes they allow you to feel especially held at a time of personal doubt or grief. Sometimes they are just a gift to help you keep on track. Sometimes they simply defy description.

Perhaps one way to describe them is that the Seeker has found you. Oh, what a moment!