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It is time to tell you the outcome of the prayer experiment.  Two posts ago I told you about the St. Jude prayer experiment and you may be curious about the outcome.

Well, I will start by saying how much I admire those around the world that pray six times a day every day.  Your commitment is amazing, and I ask God to show you great kindness and attentiveness because of your faithfulness.

I found it difficult to stay focussed on the one issue and to pray when I was feeling grumpy or faithless.  However, I am a trained biologist and love a good experiment, so I persevered for the whole ten days.

I connected my prayer time to going to the toilet as that is the only thing I do about six times a day.  The prayer I had chosen was a very specific health need for a friend.

At the end of the ten days, a blood test was taken and a number was given.  My prayer was answered and I will now be more intentional and more persistent in my requests to Creator.  In recent years I have not verbalized many prayers.  I have assumed Yahweh is my provider, hears my every thought and takes notice of my tearful unspoken prayers.  And I am sure this is true.  However, a loving God probably delights to hear our voices and show us that what we want is important.