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Weird coincidences happen all the time, in fact in a world of seven billion people, a one-in-a-billion event would be happening nearly every day. How many times have you had some odd subject raised with you by two completely unrelated people in the same week? Or traveled to the other side of the world and bumped into someone from your same suburb?

Humans are highly skilled at spotting patterns. This is why we are so good at recognising faces, or musical tunes. It has helped us to understand parts of nature and the universe that we observe. However, this trait can become overused like when we see trends in financial data that are not there and so invest poorly.

As such our ability to see patterns might result in us attributing special meaning to coincidental events when really they could have been the product of random chance.

Some spiritual people use the term synchronicity to explain an apparent link between similar events in their lives. They claim that the Universe is using these events to guide them on new paths. They seek to find significant meaning in everyday events.

Then there are those who attribute such coincidences as being God’s hand revealing a new course of direction or a plan for our lives. Does God act like that? Is there a Plan? Does it get revealed through everyday events?

Coincidences at least make you think about these things…

** Within an hour of writing this post, I was reading an auto-biographical account of a mathematician who had two chance encounters in a a couple of days, which set him on a path to a new mathematical theorem. Weird huh?