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What happens when we pray? Who do we pray to?  Why does the non-believer pray?Does prayer work or does it just pacify the one who prays?

There are those who pray to the saints, those who tack “in Jesus’ name” on the end of their prayers and those who send happy thoughts out to the universe. Why is praying an almost universal past-time and yet we all choose slightly different ways of doing it?

I find that sometimes I can pray very specifically for a situation and sometimes I am very vague and not sure of what I actually want. Sometimes I am very confident about achieving an outcome and other times I utter my prayers from a place of despair.

Jesus encouraged his listeners to keep their prayers simple and gave them a model, The Lord’s Prayer, to work with. He also stated that anyone with even a small amount of faith could achieve miraculous things through prayer. The writer of the Psalms even compared our prayers to incense rising up before the throne of God.

Whatever your thoughts on prayer , it seems to be a natural part of most of us, it seems to have very few rules or boundaries and it even seems to work!

Happy praying.