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Not many of us think of ourselves as diamonds, in fact many of us struggle to see how precious we are and find it hard to accept we are made in the image of the wondrous God of everything.

However, the fact remains that we are of far greater worth than anything else in all of creation. We are of much greater value to El Shaddai (one of my favoured names for God/dess) than we realize, and deserving of much greater kindnesses than we often experience in our busy, goal-orientated world.

Now back to the diamond idea. The sparkle of a diamond comes from the light being refracted by the cuts or facets that are created by the master designer.
Recently we have had a family health situation that has thrown us into several weeks of continuous challenge at a level I have not experienced before. Watching my own child suffer and watching other human beings suffer around the clock has been a life-changing experience. It has been at this time that we have noticed the “diamonds” around us. Those people who have been shaped in life in such a way as to reflect and refract light to those around them.

They are not always the high profile people, nor those who are expected to shine at these times (although many of those shone as well). They have been the hospital orderly with a ready smile, a fellow patient with an ear to listen, a taxi driver who knew not to ask too many questions, a street sweeper who paused in his work to show me how to get into a hospital after hours. These have been the diamonds that we have discovered through our recent experiences.

During this time I can sense the faceting of my soul. I don’t know what I will be like after this, but I do know I will be different. I try to trust the loving Master Designer and Comforter of my soul; sometimes I can and sometimes I can’t. Sometimes I have hope and sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I express faith and sometimes I can’t. Sometimes I feel loved and sometimes I feel despair.

But, in all this I know one thing is true: that God has convinced me of my worth and belovedness by coming to the earth as a human in the person of Jesus Christ and that El Shaddai is far more loving and kind and gracious and forgiving than I have ever realized. The words of Isaiah 51 have been a great encouragement to me this week.

Shalom, dear friends.