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We have had reason to spend most of our time at the Royal Melbourne Hospital over the past two weeks due to a family health crisis.  There is a ‘sacred space’ provided at the hospital for people to sit in the quietness and present their needs and requests to a loving, compassionate God.  These words of trust were displayed in this place:


The old, wise Sabbath says:  “Stop now.  As the sun touches the horizon, take the hand off the plough, put down the phone, let the pen rest on the paper, turn off the computer, leave the mop in the bucket and the car in the drive … The deep wisdom embedded in creation will take care of things for a while.

(From Sabbath by Wayne Muller)

As a biologist, I have observed the rhythms of the seasons carefully over many years.  Winter rest in the plant world is a time of nakedness, replenishment and rest.  Secret, unseen things happen during this plant Sabbath.  The intricate, life-filled buds are invisibly being formed in readiness for the bursting forth of blossoms and new leaves in Spring.

For me this year, Winter Sabbath is a time for deep intimacy, silent trust and still waiting.  And for acknowledging that, ‘Creator is faithful; the Spring will come’.

My request in the ‘sacred space’ of my heart is: ‘Please God complete your healing in my daughter’s brain, Yahweh, I pray.’