‘This was our new paradigm, newborn and a bit shaky about its place in the universe, but lusty in its cries for attention, it’s insistence on life.  However, some of us have been rocked by the death throes of the old paradigm.’  (The Molecoules of Emotion, Candace B. Pert, pg 179.)

A major shift in our understanding of the way human biology functioned caused a renowned scientist to write this statement.  I believe the same piece of writing can be used to describe the shift that has been occurring in Christian spirituality.  We are experincing a new Christian paradigm.

What is this new Christian paradigm?

  • It is a gentle, powerful, receptive understanding of the kind of spirituality that Christ demonstrated to us over two thousand years ago.
  • It is not pushy, aggressive, exclusive, arrogant, sexist, racist, age-ist, overly-intellectual, judgemental, repressive, non-emotional, violent, purely rational.
  • It is time-rich; part of eternity. It is the fruit of Christ’s travail.  It is the fulfillment of Christ’s sacrifice.  It is the power of God that raised Christ up from the dead.  It is about fairness.
  • It is not about authoritarian structures and hierarchies. It is not about admiring ‘good’, ‘functional’ people.  It is not about oppressing the poor.  It is not about repressing the emotions of people made in Creator’s image.
  • It is about love. And life.  And warmth.  It is about passion.  And kindness.  It is about equality and meeting the needs of all people.  It is about food, shelter, warmth, learning, love.  It is about love.
  • It’s about love
  • It’s about love