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Christians in Australia tried to protect the Aboriginal indigenous First Nation people from the onslaught and violence of European people who came to colonize ‘the great south land’.  These missionary Christians failed to protect Aboriginal children, women and men from the disrespect, theft, violence and greed of desperate white settlers.  But they tried.  They were the gentle white ones that did their best, mostly with good intentions and a peppering of ignorance.

Since their failure to protect and preserve Aboriginal people and their culture, Christian people living in this land have waited patiently (or impatiently) for this time.  They have continued to sing their songlines of faith, hope and love in a land that grieves and suffers from the paralysis of shame and frustration.  It is now time for a new paradigm.

It is time to awaken the snoring lines — those indigenous stories of allegory and knowledge and Spirit that were put to sleep and silenced during the arrival of white people.  And to marry these spiritual songlines with the spiritual songlines of white believers.  This consummation will bring life and love to the Australian nation and it will become a beacon of hope — a light to all nations — a taste of blissful eternity.

It is time to walk shoulder to shoulder — indigenous Aboriginal Australians with ‘indigenous’ non-Aboriginal Australians.  It is time to listen to one another, to respect each other and to create a new spirituality by weaving together the best from both people groups.  It is time to develop together a new spiritual reality based on the truth and love contained in both spiritual world views, our similarities and our differences.

We all need to put aside any remaining prejudice, pride, fear or arrogance.  We need to walk forward with humility, respect, honesty and a readiness to create something new.  This will bring freedom and joy to the people of this nation — and to the animals, the plants and the land itself.

Together, we must welcome refugees and those that travel here or come to find sanctuary.

This is our home — Aboriginal, English, Chinese, Italian, Scottish, German, Greek, Irish, Dutch, Vietnamese, Indian, African, Middle Eastern, American, whatever country we came from.  This is our home and we will offer hospitality, sustenance, shelter, warmth, acceptance, safety and love to all people.  We shall raise our children here to embrace these values alongside us.  We shall be a nation attentive to the Spirit and to the needs of all children, women and men.  We shall become a people known for our love and kindness, our land known for its sanctuary, our animals known for their wisdom, and our plants known for their beauty and healing.

 … this is the time