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I have been reading about the intricacies of the human body – 27,000 genes, several trillion cells, hundreds or thousands of minute chemical reactions going on continuously, each moderated by the environment that we live. And then at the macroscopic level our ability to paint, jump, skip, hug, sing and create. Wow!

Have you ever watched a very young baby lying on the floor when it has first discovered its hands? They gaze intently at them, moving them slowly around. Soon they will discover that the hands are theirs and that they can control their movements. But they have such a focus on their new discovery!

So with all my thoughts about spirituality I wanted to think again about the beauty of the physical body. How amazing it is. How well all the parts fit together. How capable of expression it is.

And so I want to enjoy its movements and its expressions. I want to care for it. And I want to celebrate it.