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I have been reading quite a bit lately by mystics and meditation teachers of all stripes and I see lots of common themes merging. They all talk about the great “One”, and the overwhelming sense that we are all part of the grand cosmos. They talk of the immensity of the universe and yet the importance of the tiniest thing. They say that words and thoughts and things are part of the same common fabric. They say that death is just a transition between states.

And yet…

When someone close to us dies (or even a treasured pet) there is such grief, such loss, such emptiness and a questioning of why this had to happen that I find it very hard to just say that it is a transition. Perhaps for the one dying it is a transition but for those of us left behind there is so much to deal with.

It would take a meditation GIANT, or someone with little human compassion, to be able to just shrug and say that death is part of life and that the universe has moved from one state to another state. This is what is hardest for me to accept of these other thought streams. I need an external purpose. I need a meaning for it all. I need it to MATTER.