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Sometimes it can be hard to start a new year, especially if you are not sure that last year’s problems aren’t following you into it! There are a number of markers in our world that allow us to remove and recycle old emotions and habits. They can include the phases of the moon, the seasons, the beginning of a new year and so on. They provide an opportunity to reflect on what has gone before and to set fresh direction if necessary.

In the same way that they can be an opportunity for creativity and newness, they can also depress us if we feel trapped in old patterns. This is a good time to call on external strength, both human and divine, to help us to see a fresh path. (By the way, it strikes me as a great human strength that we can get up each day even when we are faced with the same circumstances – a triumph of hope over experience).

How is your new year going? Are there things that you don’t need to bring any further with you? Is there a fresh adventure to be had? Call on Creator for discernment and wisdom as you face the journey.

I hope you find blessings this year.