Namatse to each one of you. (See previous blog for meaning.)

Christmas is a reminder that Creator came, and was birthed, into human flesh.  Creator was pleased to be counted with humans; pleased to become one of His/Her beloved people in the person of Christ.  It is a celebration of the humility and love of Creator for each and every human being.  The birth of Christ announced Creator’s outrageous, unbridled desire to make a home in each human life.

Many people do not know that the Christian faith has a very powerful secret, one that few humans really take hold of.  After Christ died, rose again and returned to heaven, something very profound happened: Creator sent The Spirit.  The Spirit of God/dess was sent to earth to make her/his home in every person that wanted this closeness.  The Spirit, called Ruach in Hebrew, had been brooding over creation from the very beginning.  Now The Spirit broods attentively within creation, most preferrably from the sacred place of each human life.

The Spirit is often called The Holy Spirit.  Why?  Because The Spirit is the Holy Spirit of God the Creator; the same Spirit that was in Christ.  The Spirit is Holy because it is Perfect Love.  God/dess is Love and so The Spirit is Love.  Those parts of us that are loveless (unholy) have now been made perfect by the love of Creator in Christ.  God acted in Christ to secure our rebirth; that The Holy Spirit of God might be birthed in each of us and live with us forever.

Wow!  What’s expected of us?  Not much — hardly anything really!  Just to be willing to be loved; willing to accept that Christ was the expression of Creator’s perfect love for us.

Namatse and Happy Christmas!