“Namatse” is a greeting common among the Hindus of Southern Asia. It is typically spoken and simultaneously performed with a palms-touching gesture and it means “I bow to the divine in you”.

What a wonderful way to greet a friend or a stranger! A simple recognition that we are all capable of carrying something of the Divine within us.

While Christians believe that they have the Holy Spirit within them, those of the New Age believe that they are part of the Divine itself. However you view this particular aspect of theology, it is worth considering just how wonderfully made all living creatures are, and in particular, how blessed humans are as we are capable of being in touch with the Creator.

I find it changes my view of the people I meet if I try to see the Divine within them, if I see this particular encounter as being somehow inspired. It doesn’t happen often but when I think that way my antennae are awakened as we meet, I am primed for what the Divine may be revealing through this person.

And while we are looking for the Divine in others, perhaps we should even take a moment to “namatse” to ourself in the mornings!