I have an interest in taking spirituality into the market-place, and not because I want to make money from it. Rather I think that is something that needs to be elevated to a place where it can be talked about openly. In Australia we are not meant to talk about politics or religion if we want to keep our conversations “safe”, and sometimes in male company that extends to not talking about feelings or emotions either. And yet there seems to be a move for workplaces to provide a holistic environment for their staff.

I have noticed that some corporates are now introducing “soft” touches to their office environments such as prayer rooms and part-time masseurs. The next step may be to teach or mentor spirituality amongst employees. The danger of course, is that a lot of spirituality practitioners are pushing a particular package and some are just quacks, and as such there is a degree of suspicion in this space. Plus, we still live with an after-taste that spirituality equals religion.

Perhaps we could start with a discussion about what it means to be spiritual. This would help people to realise that there is an aspect of the spiritual in all of us, even if we call it slightly different things. It would also help people to see that spirituality can cross faith and cultural boundaries. Then I think we could work through some basic spiritual practices to help people start down the path themselves. Keep it simple; keep it practical.

Perhaps if we start to include spirituality in our business world, it will open doors for talking about deeper issues with our colleagues and mates, hopefully leading to greater fulfilment and balance.