‘Thin Places’ is a term that can be used to describe those moments in our lives when we are aware of the presence of some kind of divine being.  For me, these ‘moments’ come in the form of understanding that this moment is a part of my unique significance and destiny. Following the birth of each of my daughters, I experienced such ‘moments’.  There was a stillness, a sacredness, a knowing, a sense of timelessness, an experience of wonder and deep gratitude.  My body wanted to worship something/someone.  I was deeply moved and needed to say thankyou.  I felt held.  I wept.

This kind of experience is typical of how I respond to the ‘thin places’ in my life.  Other ‘moments’ that have provided these significant times for me include:

  • Standing on a mountaintop surrounded by a sea of misty blue mountains.
  • Lying in the arms of my lover after being consumed by passion and satisfied by such intense pleasure that I do not know (or care) where I am or who I am.
  • Smelling the air in a forest with my eyes shut.
  • Holding hands with someone else.
  • Watching an attentive mother (or father) with a baby or a toddler.
  • Leaning against a large tree, and stroking its bark.
  • Lying face down with my nose in the grass on a warm spring day.
  • Being in the Ocean.
  • Watching animals

I hope you find rest and a ‘thin place’ this week.