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So, you are interested in personal spirituality and don’t know how to start? Perhaps you are a little overwhelmed by the vast array of choices? From the tried-and-true to the ridiculous? You want to try something but feel foolish asking?

Why not start with a question to Creator/God/Goddess/One, and keep it simple. Then you can go to a local library and browse the life and religion section, which is right at the start of the Dewey Decimal numbering system. Grab a handful of books and flick through them until you see something that holds your attention. (I would use the Web as a last resort because the pages you are given tend to be the ones that are trying to sell you something, and there are lots of quacks and scams in this field). Talk to a friend or trusted mentor.

Then start practising moments of quietness. Switch off the distractions. And I mean OFF, not just on “silent”. Go for a walk, but with your eyes and ears open. Eat a meal alone and savour each mouthful. Pause whatever you are doing and just be you.

Start practising quiet, simple prayer. Words of gratitude, words of wonder, words of simple truth. Repeat your simple words rather than keep creating new ones. Keep it all very simple.

One book that I found helpful was Finding Sanctuary by Abbot Christopher Jamison. It is written by a monk but has a very broad and practical approach to spirituality. I am sure there are others.

I hope it goes well for you.