I want to be honest up front about where I stand with organised religion. Firstly, I am a product of many years spent in churches, actively involved as well as fringe observer. I have many friend s that I have met through churches and I have learnt lots of things about spirituality and prayer.

However I am now coming to realise that all the good people are not in churches. Some, but not all. I have met some fantastic people in recent times just out doing the shopping or helping you work out what is wrong with your car. I want to get out and about and meet some of those people and share community with them.

Second I have come to realise that there are some things inside the church that hold people back from receiving love – like guilt and shame and a patronising attitude. I want to be an active campaigner for telling people that the Creator LOVES the creation, that there is delight when we master new things or make good life-giving decisions.

Lastly I still see an organisation that says “You need to come via us if you want to meet with God”. We are supposed to living in post-Reformation times but there is still a strong ordained vs. laity divide. There is still the “in-team” and the rest of us. I want to see empowerment for all people to have a say and to tell their story.

No, I haven’t given up on the organised church but I am wary about how much I get entangled with it. At least for now…