Many of my friends are spiritual, although sometimes you have to scratch some of them a little to find that out. And sometimes you have to know someone for a few years to be allowed into that inner space. (Sometimes you get it for free as soon as they open their mouths and that can be refreshing).

We Australians can be reserved about our inner lives, preferring to keep it private. Is that from fear of intimacy or fear of being thought weird? Still, once you scratch a bit you find that most of us have a belief in “something” out there, even if we don’t like the “god” label. And most of us are happy to talk about it as long as it is done in a non-threatening and non-judgemental way.

For me, no matter where I stand with organised religion and out-of-the-box faith, I know that there is a gap inside me that I cannot ignore and leaves me searching for ideas and inspiration. I want to get in touch with the Great Spirit or Creator or whomever.